Couples wishing to arrange their wedding in the parish are advised to contact the Parochial House at least six months before the proposed date.  They are required to give a minimum of three months notice to the Registrar, Co. Clinic, Mullingar and to complete a Pre-Marriage Course.  Information about Courses at the Accord Centre in Mullingar is given below. Couples can make an appointment with the Parish Priest to complete the necessary documentation and arrange the liturgy for their wedding ceremony.

The sacrament of Marriage

When a woman and a man choose one another above all others and want to share their love and their story for the rest of their lives, the sacrament of Marriage helps them to celebrate that love and their decision to spend their lives together as husband and wife. In a very wonderful way, their life-long commitment tells of God’s faithful love for all of us. By trying to put the other person first, the couple show what it means to ‘love someone as I love myself.’ By passing the gift of life to their children, the couple join in and share in the creative love of God.